What a busy term!!

What a busy term 3 we have had! So far we have learnt about the importance of sleep and relevant issues regarding the Carbon Tax debate. Last week was jam packed too, with Book Week, Grandfriends Day and Green Day! We would like to  thank all of the wonderful parents who helped us plan and run these special days. Today we started the children’s novel “Charlotte’s Web” and a lot of our writing tasks over the next few weeks will be based around this!! We are so proud of all of our students, especially of week 4’s assembly performance…….how good was that!!!! Mr. P and Ms. Hood 🙂

A look at our school.

Thiele P.S. is one school in a Campus of 3 schools. Ours is a Government public school, one is a Catholic private school and the other is a Uniting Church private school. We share many of our facilities and play areas. Here are some photos to show what a beautiful setting we have.






Week 3

Hello everyone,
What a wonderful week we have had! Thank you to the children and all the wonderful parents who helped with our homework challenge. The quality and variety of responses to our topic of the CARBON TAX DEBATE was truly fantastic! It exceeded our expectations by far. Next week we will share some of the Powerpoint presentations, booklets and posters at the school Assembly!  We have been very busy preparing for it  and have even invited a couple of “VIP”s to attend. This week’s topic has been about SLEEP. We have investigated the importance of sleep and how much we need. Did you know that as you grow older you need less sleep? Thiele P.S. students continue to impress us with their enthusiasm for learning.